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About BobbyWare
    BobbyWare is the website dedicated to the freeware scripts and programs developed by Bobby Thompson (Webmaster of The Torgo Homepage). I wanted a seperate domain to tie to my creations, so BobbyWare is it. Though the domain is seperate, it is still integrated as a part of The Torgo Homepage.
    All the software & scripts here on BobbyWare are comletely free. I do these for the fun of it, as I like making things on computers work. If any of these creations have helped you in any way, and you feel a need to give, I now ask that you do so in the form of a donation to help end slavery. If you follow the image link below, you will be brought to another one of my pages that details facts & directs you to where you can give.


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Learn About Affiliates
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