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JavaScript Floater

The BobbyWare Java Floater allows you to have a logo or other image float in the bottom right corner of your browser window.

It does so smoothly, so that when the user scrolls or re-sizes the window, the logo smoothly slides back into place.

(Demo should be in the lower righthand
corner of your browser window)

Download v2.1 (8k) [Right or Control Click & choose Save As]
For support, please visit The Torgo Forum.

This script currrently works with each of the following browsers: Internet Explorer, FireFox, Netscape, Safari & Mozilla

define the 'image' and optional 'link' variables, then put the following in the page that you want to add the floater to:
     <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" SRC="jfloat.js"></SCRIPT>

General Information
This JavaScript file will suspend a logo image in the lower right hand corner of a browser window. Optionally, the suspended image can be used as a link.
When the browser window is resized or scrolled, the image will automatically move back down to the lower right corner. When it does, it will move in a "fluid" manner.

This script was 100% developed by me. It was not influcenced by by other symiler scripts. I actually wrote this based off my first version (1.0) to solve a problem at work, and have since greatly expanded it. So please don't steal my work.

Version History
   1.0    Initial release, was small but it worked.
   2.0    Totally rewritten to introduce a more smooth result, only worked for Internet Explorer & Safari.
   2.1    Added support for FireFox, Netscape & Mozilla browsers.

You are free to use this script on any page you would like (even commercial pages), The only qualification is that this comments section MUST remain intacked. It would be nice if you sent me an email with a link too...

Copyright(c) 2002-2004, Bobby Thompson
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