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This widget is for use with Konfabulator Yahoo Widget Engine.

Made as a supliment to my MegaWatcher widget, MegaTracker displays the current set of winning numbers for the MegaMillions lottery.

That is where the symilarities end, however. MegaTracker also counts the number of times each ball is drawn, displaying the number of draws for each ball over the prevous set of winning numbers. MegaTracker also displays the top 7 balls drawn, as well as the top 2 mega balls drawn.

The database initially starts empty, so be sure to go to the Counter option under the widget's preferences, and select a start date for the database.

Download v1.0 (84k)
For support, please visit The Torgo Forum.

Questions? Comments??
You can find this & all my widgets on Yahoo's Widget Gallery. There you can leave comments, rate the widget, and find many more widgets.

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