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The Torgo Counter, like many other perl counters, the Torgo Counter counts the number of visitors to your site. It does one thing slightly differently, however...

Instead of counting each hit as one, the Torgo Counter also retains the current users IP address. This way the Torgo Counter will only record one hit per individual user, so the Torgo Counter works more as a user counter as apposed to a hit counter. This setting can be also disabled, if you prefer a hit counter.

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Download v1.01c (8k) [Right or Control Click & choose Save As]
For support, please visit The Torgo Forum.

Requires a web server capable of running Perl scripts.

Installation Instructions
First open the scrpt & define a path for the counter file (the file that stores the current count & ip address).

Rename the file from tcount.txt to or tcount.cgi, then place it into your cgi-bin directory.

Change the permissions on the script file to execute (you can search Google to learn more).

Then place the SSI code into the page(s) you want the counter to be displayed in. Most commonly you would use the following:
      <!--#exec cgi="/cgi-bin/" -->

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